My Social Media Marketing Strategy

On Sunday I’ll be Interviewing Manoj Kumar who’s a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks & a Selenium Conf Organiser. And I was chatting to Manoj about my marketing strategy as a tester. I’ve been fascinated about marketing (more than learning about test automation tools) and this blog post is a reflection on that strategy. Marketing is… Continue reading My Social Media Marketing Strategy

Code Smells and Boolean Logic

Have you ever come across a boolean in code (i.e. a TRUE/FALSE) variable and had to stop and question if TRUE meant enabled or disabled? I call this a code smell. A code smell is a surface indication that usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the system. Naming variables is hard One of… Continue reading Code Smells and Boolean Logic

Birthday Reflections

I recently survived another year on this rock rotating around the sun. It doesn’t feel that long that I was reflecting on turning 30 last year. I also set myself some goals at the start of the year but 2020 has been a doozey and put lot’s of those intentions on hold. This blog is… Continue reading Birthday Reflections

Mental Health check-in

Q. Hey Sam, how’s your mental health going? A. To be honest, it’s been pretty shit. This whole pandemic thing hasn’t been great for my mental wellbeing. Q. Yeah it’s all been pretty stressful, ay. What’s been bothering you? Would you like to talk about anything specifically? A. My sleep has been all kinds of… Continue reading Mental Health check-in