Medical History

For the purposes of generating life insurance quotes and my own life admin I thought I would write down my medical history. I don’t believe this stuff needs to be private, does it? I’m 31, female, 160 cm tall and 87 kg. White collar worker, University qualified on a 120k salary per year. As a… Continue reading Medical History

It’s not cool to want someone to die

We are now 7 months into a global pandemic. And a certain political leader has come down with the infection. There’s been a lot of sentiment online of joy/excitement/anticipation over this: And I understand the sense of, “Karmic Justice” in what has been a really stressful year. I personally felt a little excited about the… Continue reading It’s not cool to want someone to die

Schema Therapy part III

In my last reflection on my journey through Schema Therapy, I’ve found out that Social Isolation and Unrelenting Standards are my main two influencing schema’s. When people have these schema’s they can potentially develop the following poor coping mechanisms: Schema Surrender Avoidance Overcompensation Social Isolation/Alienation Becomes part of a group butstays on the periphery; doesnot… Continue reading Schema Therapy part III

Schema Therapy part II

Wow, it was back in November that I last wrote about starting Schema Therapy. The whole pandemic situation really put a spanner in the works with that. This blog post is a reflection of my most recent session. I’m not a psychologist, if anything here concerns you please seek professional advice. So two months ago… Continue reading Schema Therapy part II