Awesome stuff you’ve done this year and things you are working towards

Letter to self, For when you are feeling low, use this list to remind yourself of how much awesome stuff you’ve done. #HumbleBrag Events I’ve helped organise/presented at Sydney Testers Dice game 15/01 Social catch up 17/01 Communication Workshop 28/01 Quality coaching: discussion panel 12/02 Becoming more technical workshop 24/02 Becoming more technical workshop 28/02 Automation… Continue reading Awesome stuff you’ve done this year and things you are working towards


I’m binge watching youtube video’s, as I do when I’m doing nothing on the weekend and I stumble on this TED talk on co-housing: This got me thinking of all of the different types of houses I’ve lived in over the years and I’d thought I share my stories and experiences with them. My personal… Continue reading Co-Housing

8 years of depression

I was first diagnosed with chronic depression back in 2010. I had just spent a year on exchange in Sweden and coming back just broke me. My boyfriend at the time kicked me out of home and I felt disconnected from all of my uni friends because my studies were no longer on par with… Continue reading 8 years of depression

Mental Heath Update

I haven’t blogged about mental health for a while. Here’s an update on where I’m at. Overall; this week I’m feeling good. I’ve been experiencing a reasonable amount of fatigue/change recently which has made the last two weeks a little low. Breakdown at the bus stop I had a mental breakdown at a bus stop… Continue reading Mental Heath Update