Re: The Dark Side of Being a Test Automation Engineer

Sérgio Martins recently wrote and article on The Dark Side of Being a Test Automation Engineer. This blog post is a response to that article. I will be focusing on career growth as a tester here. The 5 points that Sérgio covers are: Blame Magnet Loneliness Feeling undervalued Minimal Wage Compensation Career Growth Easily Capped… Continue reading Re: The Dark Side of Being a Test Automation Engineer

Time zone testing considerations

I’m going to restart my live streaming on twitch this weekend. The idea being; live pair testing with developers/testers from all over the world. We pick a website/product or tool for an exploratory testing session and talk about our testing process. This here was my original infographic that I created for my twitch channel to… Continue reading Time zone testing considerations

Converting PDF to Audio

I’m studying financial advice and there’s lots of reading. I like to listen to audio as I walk but using the defaul screen reader technology on a mobile app doesn’t work this way. Once you put the phone to sleep it stops the reader. So I started google how to convert PDF’s to audio. This… Continue reading Converting PDF to Audio

Iteration and feedback

What goes into a high quality product? It goes through many iterations but also incorporates a ton of customer feedback while it iterates. I will be talking about software development in this post with examples from my career and video games. Video Games What makes a high quality video game? let us compare cyberpunk 2077… Continue reading Iteration and feedback