Why do we test?

Why do we bother with software testing? Surely our users can help us test? Why can’t automation catch all of the bugs? Have you heard these remarks in the work place before? This blog post will explore why we test in more detail. We will be using a cooking metaphor to help break down complex… Continue reading Why do we test?

FailQonf – celebrating our failures

Over the weekend I presented at FailQonf; a conference for software testers to learn from failing. I recorded my talk and posted it on YouTube: Have some questions about quality coaching? I answer some questions here and here is a quality coaching course overview. Want to get started in more quality coaching? Try running a… Continue reading FailQonf – celebrating our failures

Re: The Dark Side of Being a Test Automation Engineer

Sérgio Martins recently wrote and article on The Dark Side of Being a Test Automation Engineer. This blog post is a response to that article. I will be focusing on career growth as a tester here. The 5 points that Sérgio covers are: Blame Magnet Loneliness Feeling undervalued Minimal Wage Compensation Career Growth Easily Capped… Continue reading Re: The Dark Side of Being a Test Automation Engineer

Time zone testing considerations

I’m going to restart my live streaming on twitch this weekend. The idea being; live pair testing with developers/testers from all over the world. We pick a website/product or tool for an exploratory testing session and talk about our testing process. This here was my original infographic that I created for my twitch channel to… Continue reading Time zone testing considerations

Iteration and feedback

What goes into a high quality product? It goes through many iterations but also incorporates a ton of customer feedback while it iterates. I will be talking about software development in this post with examples from my career and video games. Video Games What makes a high quality video game? let us compare cyberpunk 2077… Continue reading Iteration and feedback

Improving your testing skills

Today we are going over how to improve your thinking and software testing skills. Slide deck can be accessed here. Why do we bother testing? To get feedback. To help us answer the question, are we comfortable releasing this software? Read my mobile app test strategy here. There’s no manual testing We don’t say manual… Continue reading Improving your testing skills