Consulting Services

I’m offering the following free consulting services;

  1. Live exploratory testing of your products
  2. Introductory Testing Dice Game session
  3. Improving Technical Presentations workshop
  4. Visual risk based workshop for UI automation
  5. Workshop on Mental Health
  6. Sketch Noting

If you are interested, send my an email at sam[AT] and we can book something in. Want more info? please continue reading:

Exploratory Testing

Do you have a website or an app that could do with a bit of testing? Let me do a 15 minute hands on exploration of your product. One condition; you let me live stream my testing so I can practice talking about software testing and help other people improve this skill. Don’t want it to be public? send me an email and we can arrange something. I prefer this activity to be done online. Valued at $50 AUD.

Dice Game

The testing dice game is an introduction to black box testing techniques and critical thinking. I will have a rule in my head, you role 5 dice, provide a guess and I will provide the results. You need to figure out what the rule is by testing it. I prefer to do this activity in person with up to 4 people but I can do it online. Valued at $100 AUD. A first time play through often takes around 45 minutes.


I enjoy presenting, I’d love to help you get better at this too. You’ll give a 5 minute lightning talk style presentation and I’ll give you feedback. You’ll also get some of my hints and tips┬áthat I’ve picked up over my experiences. Preference is to do this activity in person but I can do it online. Valued at $100 AUD and could take an hour.

Risk and UI automation

I developed a visual risk based framework to help my team reduce their build times for their iOS app. It was built to reduce their number of UI automation checks. I prefer to do this in person, takes around 45 minutes and valued at $100AUD. You can check out the talk here for it;

Mental Health

This is an interactive workshop where I will share with you my struggles with mental health. We will also do a mindful eating exercise to practice mindfulness techniques and a life journey exercise to help us tell our own stories. Usually takes 45 minutes and valued at $100 AUD.

Is there anything else you’d like to chat to me about? Shoot me an email. I have taught robotics to thousands of kids as a volunteer and taught kids python programming for mindcraft. I’ve tutored in mathematics. I can teach you a thing or two about accessibility testing too.

ABN 36 030 540 842