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Headshot of a smiling Sam wearing a blue pinstripe suit with a fabulous pink and blue tie in front of the Barangaroo wharf.

My name is Sam and I’m a Software Engineer in Test on a mobile app team in Sydney. I speak at tech conferences, lead the Sydney Testers meetup group and stream live coding on twitch. I’m also a developer evangelist for YOW! Conference. I’ve worked in tech for over 7 years.

My specialties are;

  • mobile exploratory testing
  • public transport
  • financial services

I hope you enjoy exploring this site.

Tester of the Year nomination

I’ve been nominated for Tester of The Year. I’d appreciate your vote. I’d also recommend voting for Hari from Woolworths for the Test Manager of the year, Angie Jones for The Automator and the TabCorp team for the Agile Test Team award.

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2 Parts Hipster Bogan

In my spare time I enjoy brewing beer and riding my motorbike. “Yeah Mate”, that makes me sound pretty bogan and I’m ok with this. However I consider myself a hipster bogan because I like craft beer, pretentious coffee and avocado on toast.

Can someone actually be a hipster bogan?

I dunno, I’m from Tasmania, so what do I even know? Australians like to joke about Tasmanians. Something about being stupid, inbred and having two heads.

1 part general nerd

I enjoy tinkering with electronics, robotics and I run a shadowrun pen and paper roll play game. Think dungeons and dragons but cyberpunk set in the future with technology, gangs, magic and giant evil corporations.

You want moar?

Wow, thanks for scrolling this far. I take it you want more gossip? My personal values are:

  • Community
  • Adding value to others
  • Experiences over things
  • Sustainable living

Community drives nearly everything I do. It’s through connecting with people that I get my drive and passion for nearly everything. The sustainable living is more of an inspirational goal. It can mean financial, mental well being and environmental all combined. I also value transparency but it feels weird to have it as a personal value and there’s cases of taking transparency too far.

Wow you just keep scrolling?

I use to be morbidly obese, I had gastric sleeve surgery in October 2016. I’m now only mildly obese (depending on what day I wake up). You can see some of my fat transformation photos here.

I also broke my ankle at the end of 2017. It sucked balls and contributed towards a relapse of depression but it’s helped me feel grateful for some things that I took for granted. If we meet in person I can show you my kick arse scar. Apparently chic’s dig scars.

I once rode my motorbike in the Sydney mardigras with Dykes on Bikes. I might be in a hetro-normalish relationship but we are both bi. That’s no secret. I’m also weirdly fascinated by shibari rope art. I don’t recommend googling that at work. Scandalous, I know.