Bio: Sam is a Software Engineer in Test on a mobile app team in the finance industry. She’s also a developer advocate for YOW! Conference and enjoys boardgames and brewing beer. She leads the Sydney Testers meetup group and presents on all things Quality and Testing. You can also catch her live coding on Twitch at

Past Presentations

I’ve spoken at 17 tech conferences, 3 have been international. I have tips for giving technical presentations, do you want to practice or get advice on your presentations? It’s free if you let me live stream your talk on twitch. Here are my recorded talks:

SwiftUI for Wearables

Using robots for mobile testing

The Bug Hunt is on

5 ways to get more people involved with testing. Slide deck here.

Wearables; localisation, privacy and accessibility

I use an example poo tracking wearable app to talk about design considerations for these over looked elements of quality. Slide deck here.

Having a risk based approach to UI automation testing

Tyro robotics challenge

Dark side of the mind

Presentation on my struggles with depression

Nao Dancing Robot

Alternative Bio

Sam is an avid blogger, beer brewer and presents internationally on all things quality and testing. She leads the Sydney Testers Meetup group, has worked in tech for 8 years and is a software engineer in test for a mobile app team in the fintech space.

She’s also a developer evangelist for YOW! Conference and can be found on live coding on twitch at

Spoken at the following conferences


Dev/World – iOS developer conference in Melbourne. Presented, “UI Automation sucks”

YOW! Connected – Mobile developer conference in Melbourne

Mini conference in Sydney (can’t remember the name)

TestWest Perth

GDG DevFest Sydney – Google developers conference (mostly Android) – presented on using robots for mobile automation


NDC Sydney – .NET/C#/Microsoft focused developer conference

WeTest in Auckland and Wellington

Australian Testing Days in Sydney

EuroSTAR in Copenhagan – Europe’s number 1 testing conference

YOW! Connected


Agile Australia in Melbourne. Presented, “The bug hunt is on, 5 ways to get more people involved with testing”

SeleniumConf India – automation testing conference for the Selenium framework

Australian Testing Days – presented on “Wearables; Privacy, Localisation and Accessibility”

ISACA conference in Sydney – Auditors and Cyber Securities


Ticca in Melbourne – “Tails of Fail; how I failed a Quality Coach role”

/Dev/World in Melbourne – “Swift UI and wearables”

Google Dev Fest Sydney – “Mock it out – testing your app without a test environment”