Red Cross

I have been a volunteer with Red Cross for over a year now. I have been inducted into the community detention program.

What is the Community Detention program?
The Community Detention program provides support to vulnerable people to live in the community, rather than in a detention facility, while waiting for the outcomes of their visa application.
More info can be found here.

I have had an amazing experience with Red Cross and have met someĀ  nice people. Part of being a community detention volunteer can involve:

  1. Setting up housing. This can include; putting together flat pack furniture, organizing power, ensuring the house has some food before the people arrive.
  2. Showing people how to catch a bus, how to get around in the community, useful locations such as a doctors surgery, supermarket and pharmacy.
  3. Assisting in English conversation skills.

I have also assisted in English classes and I helped a guy put together his resume. He is a lovely guy from Iran, who wanted to get a job here in Tasmania. He’s now working on a farm here and it’s nice to see him get work that he enjoys here.

I have also done a little bit of volunteering Red Cross’s SAM (Save a Mate) program.

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