From Maths to Robotics


My rate is negotiable, I’ll be adopting a “pay what you can/pay what you think is fair” model because I want to make my services accessible to children from low socio economic backgrounds and my first hour is FREE. I will suggest around $50 per hour per student and my first hour is FREE. We all need a bit of convincing before departing with our hard earned money and everyone is different. See if my tutoring style suits you with a FREE hour of tutoring. I’m available from 6pm every evening and on weekends.

My goal is to create a social enterprise focused around running a Lego robotics roadtrip around Australia where I get to promote creative technologies to remote and rural communities. All of the profits from this tutoring will go to fund this goal.

I can tutor up to first year university level maths, engineering and programming. I want to focus on groups with participants around the 8 to 14 year range and we can do workshops on interactive storytelling with scratch, minecraft programming or Lego Robotics workshops.

I can tutor up to year 12 chemistry and physics. I was a high performer in these areas and graduated year 12 with a TER of 97.1%.

I have Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science. I started out doing Engineering but I enjoyed programming more and hence changed. I currently work as a full time Software Tester in the finance industry.

I can also tutor for Robotics. I have run many robotics workshops for ‘Robogals UTas’ and ‘Robotics Tasmania’. I also had my own radio show on Edge Radio called ‘RoboRadio’ and it was a talk show about anything Engineering and Technology related. I taught robotics to over 1000 students while in Tasmania.

I can tutor anywhere within Sydney area. I live in Eastlakes.


Feel free to contact me on O4O8 539 483 (texting is ok) or email me on sam[AT]sammystutoring.com.au


ABN: 36 030 540 842


  1. If you have come here via sammystutoring.com.au I have it redirected to my personal blogging page as I just need a static page about my tutoring for now.

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