The unsolicited dick pick

I remember the early days of the internet and first getting into chat rooms.

Guy: Hi, How are you? ASL?

Me: Fine, 16/f/Australia. Yourself?

Guy: Horny AF *Sends unsolicited dick picture*

Me: *Facepalm and leaves chat*

Who else remembers having conversations like these? I actually just had one come up today, but this time it was from a wrong number text message. This is not the first time or last time I will experience this, however after the recent #MeToo movement I want to make that guy aware that his behavior is just not kosher.

Now from a guys point of view I can understand the idea “I’m horny, what’s the worse that can happen? They’ll just say no and move on”, the potential for reward out weighs the consequences. And as a stranger on the internet no one is held accountable for their actions.

However from a receivers point of view it is an upright consent violation, you did not get my permission before sending me that picture and I was not prepared mentally to receive that type of stuff. It is sexual harassment. Period. Now before you respond with #notAllMen just because you would never do anything like that please just be aware that as a women I’m exposed to this type of behavior on a regular enough occurrence and for the better part of over 12 years now to just feel use to it.

So, have you experienced this before? How did you respond? Should I just send this blog post to the guy who sent me the unsolicited dick pick? How do I address this behavior in meaningful way to make the future a better place?


  1. I feel like I’ve led such a sheltered life. I’ve never received a dick pic, solicited or otherwise, and seeing so much of the #metoo movement blew my mind that such ‘casual’ sexual harassment is so commonplace :/

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