2 week challenge: Day 4

So it’s day 4 into my two week challenge of being a better me. Today has been a great day, if a little tiring.

The Queens Gambit

I’m going to start with a netflix tv series that I finished today. The Queens Gambit. I will admit, it started off real slow and it was hard for me to feel engaged. But it got better and the last episode left me smiling from ear to ear like a giant goon. My favourite shot was cow boys and chess:

When someone told me, “it’s a drama based on chess”, my reaction was “pffft, boring”. However I never chess could be so dramatised. So if you struggle with it, that’s ok. I did too.

Today started of tiring

I had my cleaner come over at 8 am this morning. so instead of going for a morning run to help wake up I needed to go to am ATM to withdraw some cash. It was nice to get the apartment cleaned, I even made my bed and tidied my room while she was here.

I have a loft bed and it’s actually really hard to put on the sheets. I have to climb on my desk just to put sheets on. I’d been sleeping without sheets on my bed for the last week. Shhh, please don’t tell my mum.

My bed, next to my desk, imagine how you would make this bed…

The cleaner finished up around 10 am, I started my daily meditation but was really tired and was half dozing off by the end of it.

I use insight timer to track my meditations. Then I went for a run. I’m really pleased with my pace and I it was slightly longer than my previous runs.

Food for the day

Breakfast was avocado on toast, lunch was meatballs with beans and dinner was cottage cheese on toast. I had alot fo toast today but I didn’t feel like cooking.

A few weeks back, I bought a bulk pack of core powerfoods frozen meals. Most of them have 40gm of protein for less than 2,000 kJ of energy and two thirds of them have been pretty tasty. Sometimes they aren’t the most attractive and some of them are a bit average but it certainly beats cooking or making a protein shake when I feel like a decent protein focused meal.

I’m not doing a total calory/protein count for today.

I had a beer

I know I said I was only going to drink water. BUT my house mate cracked open a christmas stout from the garage project and didn’t like it. They said it would go to waste if I didn’t drink it. How could I have let this happen? And c’mon, just check out that beer can art:

I’m self isolating

My partner mentioned to their mum that had been feeling unwell. She called me and ask me if I’d been tested recently. I thought the best thing to do was to confirm with a negative test. So I went to a drive through covid test after a climb. It was a little wet. I’m now self isolating until I get my result.

I’m so glad I wrote this list. I almost forgot to take my daily multi vitamins today. Overall it was a good day, another green tick for me.

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