2 week challenge: Day 5

I did not want to go on my morning run today. But I did it and achieved my best pace so far during this challenge. It’s a nice win to celebrate today. It’s day 5 of my 2 week challenge of being my best me.

On my run I met a cockatoo, a bush turkey and saw a lovely house with a garden.


I had another non 2/3 veg day today but that’s ok. Breakfast was avo on toast with some cottage cheese. Lunch was a beef stroganoff and dinner was ramen again. I had some peanut butter fudge during the day and a salted caramael icecream.


I spent $44 on groceries today, bought some beef for stragnoff and chicken for my partners place.

Watched the legend of Korra season 1

My partner and I just finished watching Avatar, the last air bender and have now started watching the legend of Korra. It’s bee a lot of fun and I enjoy the steampunk esk vibe of that world now. Both series are on netflix.


Overall it was another good day. I slept in a little but that’s ok. I’m feeling a little sore from all the running but also feeling good from seeing improvements and it’s only been 5 days.

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