2 week challenge: Day 6

This is day 6 of me trying to be my best version. Happy easter:

Too soon? It’s only the second day of the year and the easter chocolates are in the shops.

Got a run in

But I ended it early because of the rain.

Also got a climb in. I know I said only water but really wanted a cold beer afterwards and it was right next to a brewery. So I had a sneaky pale ale. I picked up my badminton racquet of an old friend at the pub.


Breakfast was avo + cottage cheese on toast, lunch was the beer and a protein bar. Dinner was a rice with chicken and corn. Had some chocolate fudge in the afternoon.

Rainy weather

I mostly just got rained on a bit today. It wasn’t heavy rain but getting around on my motorbike in the drizzle left me feeling cold by the time I got to where I was going.

So I’m feeling tired and don’t have much enerygy to write. But I did achieve all of my daily goals today.

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