2 week challenge: end thoughts

Well it was 2 weeks ago that I decided to focus my time on being the best version of me. I said I would write a daily journal but it fell off at day 7. I’m ok with this. I’d like to spend some time chatting about things that break habits.

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Falling off the horse

A few things slipped for me, I didn’t keep up the daily journal and I haven’t been on a run for a few days. There were a few things in life that came up and caused the disruption.

  • Partner went to hospital
  • Got badly sunburnt (blisters on neck)
A cowboy falling off a horse, head first into some gravel. It's not a great look.
Try not to get a face full of gravel when you fall off the horse.

My partner developed a bad case of tonsillitis, went to emergnecy and was admitted overnight. They didn’t need to be drained or anything and two rounds of antibiotics helped set them right. But making sure they were cared for, fed and their house hold chores were kept on top of was my priority for a few days.

Then I went for a walk along Cronulla beach and got very badly burnt. So bad I had blisters on the back of my neck for 3 days. That injury really sucked my motivation for exercise. I was still able to go rock climbing but I did not want to run. I wanted to hide from the world and rest up. One of those days was spent playing sims 4.

It’s ok to slip up

Given the circumstances I still achieved being the best version of me. I still got some exercise in, I still ate well and I still kept to mostly water. I’m going to consider this still a win for me.

Beating yourself up for not meeting your own expectations is the worse thing you can do in this sitaution. I know first hand what’s it like to live with a harsh critic who will take any opportunity to make me feel like a failure. But I’m trying to not let that voice take up too much space on stage.

I’m proud of me for succeding in this 2 week challenge.

What’s next?

Well I can’t run and climb everyday when I’m back at work tomorrow. So keeping the sleep routine, doing some daily exercise most days of the week, daily meditations and daily vitamins are all habits I want to keep.

I’ll do a climb with my partner on Wednesday’s and one day on the weekend. I’ll squeeze in a morning climb on Tuesday’s. I’ll do a run on Monday and Wednesday mornings. With a longer run on the weekend. I’ll keep tracking my daily meditations.

I’m looking foward to this year being a good year. No matter what the circumstances I will be the best version of me. I’ll be able to take all of life’s up’s and downs with a confident stride.

I might keep up a weekly journal just to ckeck in on myself and see how I’m holding up.

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