Schema Therapy; Part V

This week I’ve started imagery rescripting with my psychologist. The idea being to revisit a painful memory but to rescript it in such a way that I’m able to provide the support that I needed in that situation. Family Reflections Here are some stories about my family that I’m going over with my psychologist: A… Continue reading Schema Therapy; Part V

Bean Dad and bad parenting

Content warning; racism, swearing and dickish parents On twitter today, Bean Dad is trending. Basically a bloke told the story of letting his daughter struggle to open a can over 6 hours and didn’t help. He posted the story to twitter in a proud parent/teacher kinda a way. He’s now deleted his twitter account. Here’s… Continue reading Bean Dad and bad parenting

Schema Therapy part IV

Another schema survey, another reflection blog post for you. This time the survey was to figure out my schema mode’s. The premise being that everyone develops patterns of coping with life. Some of these patterns are healthy and sometimes they can be spoilt little brats and throw tantrums about not getting their way. Here’s what… Continue reading Schema Therapy part IV