BugHunterSam weekly update

Last week I started with my first business update. I was planning on doing this update on Friday but the weekend is still fine. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last week.

Haven’t had enough time

I’ve got 2 assignments that I really need to start and a few leads during the week I didn’t have time to follow up on. I haven’t revisited my business plan. I thought I would have more time this week to make a start on this stuff.


This has been the biggest focus this week. It’s impacted my sleep and taken 3 days of effort and even then I’m not done yet. There was just so much stuff to pack, move and unpack. I don’t want to move again in a hurry.

I’ve picked up a new second hand desk for $50. It’s larger and more ergonomic for me compared to my old desk. Here’s to making the work from home more comfortable.

Here’s the new live streaming set up.
The new desk arrangement, it is more spacious than my previous desk

However I’m really pleased with the new place. It’s cheaper, larger, sunnier, has parking and close to a train station. I’ve moved into inner west Sydney from North Sydney. My rent went from $460 per week to $380 per week. I’m splitting that rent 50/50 with my housemate and I’m now only paying $190 per week in rent. It is amazing.

Here’s the cat enjoying the sun in the new place

Created a Company

BugHunterSam is now a legit PTY LTD company. It was a pretty easy process to do via ASIC. It feels good to upgrade from a sole trader to a company. Here’s to taking my business to the next level.

Next Week: start a 6 month contract

I had to incorporate to be able to start a 6 month contract next week. This comes at an awesome day rate and I’ll be working on back end automation. It’ll be great hands on experience for more back end testing youTube videos.

Turns out I was only out of work for 2 weeks before something found me. But wholly f*ck this is filling me with imposter syndrome. This week my brain has being going into overdrive trying to convince me I’m not good enough for this gig. I haven’t had the best history with automation and expectations.

Ran a workshop

Ran a sketch noting half day workshop for a training program. I enjoyed this, it’s a hands on workshop that’s very visual. Sketch noting has helped me immensely for paying attention and retaining information when sitting in a presentation.

Marketing: got some new leads

I posted an update to r/AusFinance in reddit, LinkedIn and twitter. It’s lead to some pretty awesome engagement and even a few potential leads from it all.

LinkedIn views of my profile is at 986 views over the last 90 days, last week was up 66%

Let’s Test

Let’s test is getting some steam. It seems I know enough people to do this weekly for now. The next event is tomorrow but will be up on youtube afterwards.

Interesting YouTube videos that resonated with me

Here’s some content that resonated with me. How to get out of a rut and John’s positive self talk.

Today: boardgames and bread

I’m writing this blog post while I’m waiting for bread to rise. My partner and I are hosting board games today and I wanted to make some fresh bread for sandwiches. The method I’m trying is number 3 from this video:

I’ll update this blog with photos once I’m done.

Bread was tasty


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