BugHunterSam Update

It’s been a while since I posted an update. I was going to try and do these posts weekly but I think monthly is a better cadence.

Today I’m in a real funk

I can’t seem to find any motivation for work. I’ve hit a few road blocks. I’m frustrated at the complexity of this new thing I’m trying to learn.

Someday’s I feel like sleeping at my desk

So I’m taking some time to do something I enjoy. Writing. Hence this blog post.


I’m nearly done with this semester. *WooHoo*. I’m studying taxation and ethics for advisers this semester as part of a graduate diploma in financial advice. I’m nearly half way through.

I’m only scraping through on taxation and this is fine. I don’t want to be a tax specialist myself but it is useful to learn. I’ve done better on the ethics side. I have my taxation exam this week 😬.


I got my first pay from contracting this week. I received my last pay mid April and had survived on my own savings for 6 weeks. So it felt good to get paid again.

Let’s test

I’ve had two awesome let’s test sessions over the last few days. Santhosh and I did an overview of security testing:

I was super excited to get James Bach on board. We went over how to test slack notifications. It was a lot of fun 🤩:

Mental Health

I’m feeling a little burnt out. Even though life is pretty awesome there’s been a lot happening recently. I’m taking a week off in June around my birthday. My mum is coming up from Tasmania and I haven’t seen her in 2 years. So I’m looking forward to this.


My obsession with finances is getting stronger, I’m considering tracking my monthly net worth and generating some more posts based on that.

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