BugHunterSam – update

It’s been a while since my last business update. While I’m waiting for high sierra to update I thought I’d spend some time reflecting on how the business is going.

Managing my finances

I wrote this post on how I’m managing the finances. Overall I’m happy with how it’s going. I’m two paychecks away from clearing out my credit card debt.


Study is going well. I’m enjoying the subjects I’m studying and I’ve got a few ideas on how I can combine tech and the financial advice degree. I’m really proud of this post on investing $1000 per month.

Mental Health

I’ve been feeling a little blue lately. 2 months of lock downs are getting to me and I’ve recently discovered I have an iron deficiency. However schema therapy is going well.

Passive income

I recently watched this video in generating passive income. I won’t be aiming for 27K a week (it’s taken this bloke 8 years to build up). But I am working on some passive income ideas (mostly youtube/online courses).

So yeah. I’m just chipping away at things and surviving a global pandemic.

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