BugHunterSam – update

It’s been 3 months since my last business update. So let’s spend some time reflecting on what’s happened.

Moving on from a client

It was only recently that I renogiated a new day rate with my existing client and I switched over to the mobile team. A few weeks after this happened the client decided they were going to change direction and disband the native mobile team. They are going to build the app in react native instead.

This isn’t my area of expertise, there isn’t much long term strategic reason for me to learn this technology and I’d like to spend some time growing my own business. So I’ve decided to move on.

It does mean if you need some short term or part time consulting on software quality or testing, my calendar has just opened up.


I didn’t realise how burntout I was feeling until the news of the mobile change hit me. I went on holiday for a week but still needed a bit more time after I came back. I spent last week completely addicted to sudoku, and being a hermit.

I felt bad for not staying ontop of most things and for feeling like there was something wrong with me. But coming into this week I think that’s what I needed. To unpeople for a bit.

I’ve gotten really good at sudoku now. So atleast that’s something. I highly recommend good sudoku by Zach on iOS if you’d like to get better.


business continues to go well and it feels awesome to be ontop of my finances.

Paid off credit card debt

The credit card debt is now all paid off. Woohoo. Next goal on the list is maximising concessional contributions into super for first home savers and building up an investment portfolio outside of that. From January I will invest a minimum of $1000 a month into into DHHF.

This is NOT a product recommendation, it is a reflection on how I’m planning to invest in the future.

got 100K in super

Shared the milestone on reddit for those sweet internet points.

Finished studying for the year

Had my final exam for the year last week. Next year I’ll have 3 subjects to do and I’ll be done :). Then, at some point, I’ll need to intern for a year as a financial adviser before I can practice under my own licence.

Lost 4kg

I’m back on track with improving my health and well being. Getting back into rock climbing has been awesome. I really missed this during our recent 3 month lock down. My ankle injury had flared up during the lockdown due to not moving enough.


  1. Smashing it!

    Whenever I contract I usually take 1-2 months off each year (depending on how stressful or brain damage the roles was). After a significantly bad period I took 6 months off once. It was glorious.

    Don’t feel bad for taking some me time. You have a job that allows you that privilege.

    1. I’m finally in a financial situation where I can do this and it feels amazing. I’ve gotten my living expenses down to a low amount that I don’t have to work much to “survive”. Having cleared all of my big debt means I can choose to work more for my own benefit now, rather than pay off obligations.

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