Having multiple CV’s

I find myself job hunting again and this time I’ve actually put in the effort to have multiple CV’s. Basically I’m keeping the first page the same but on the second page I have a portfolio for role specific experience. Even though I’m mostly applying for software testing roles, there’s still different specialties in that… Continue reading Having multiple CV’s

Performance testing API’s with async/awaits

I’ve got this serverless cloud function, you can read about how I built it here. Today’s blog is how I’d go about performance testing this API using async/awaits in Typescript. The API helper class Here is the GET API function: The performance test Here’s the performance test function, it spins up 10 concurrent instances to… Continue reading Performance testing API’s with async/awaits

Writing blog posts

I had someone on LinkedIn ask me: How do you come up with ideas for writing? It’s taken me years of practice to build a writing itch that I enjoy scratching. I started this blog in 2013, that year I wrote 2 pieces 😬. This post is a reflection on how I get and maintain… Continue reading Writing blog posts

Why do we test?

Why do we bother with software testing? Surely our users can help us test? Why can’t automation catch all of the bugs? Have you heard these remarks in the work place before? This blog post will explore why we test in more detail. We will be using a cooking metaphor to help break down complex… Continue reading Why do we test?