The 1 page CV – revisted

Another year and another iteration of the 1 page CV. Created using Canva. It’s easy to scan and has these embedded links: A Mobile App Test Strategy Improving your testing skills It’s evolved a bit over the years. Here’s 2020’s version and here’s older versions. Would you want to interview me if you saw this… Continue reading The 1 page CV – revisted

The 1 page CV

How many pages should you Resume/Curriculum Vitae have? I’ve always liked to keep mine below 2 pages and I’ve regularly experimented with a 1 page one. However different countries will have different expectations. And the CV is a relic from the past. Is it all that useful anymore? My 1 Page CV This here is… Continue reading The 1 page CV

Discrimination in the Workplace

There are many forms of discrimination you could face when you are looking for work or in the workplace. Whether it’s based on; Gender Appearance Family Religion Sexual Orientation Age Many of these forms of discrimination are illegal in many countries. Hiring Managers/Recruiters who work in Human Resources departments (HR) know how to protect their… Continue reading Discrimination in the Workplace

Buddha in Testing: Chapter 5

At the end of Buddha in Testing, Pradeep asks the reader to co-author the next chapter with him. So this blog post is my attempt at writing part of Chapter 5 of this book: What is the chaos that surrounds you in testing? Write now, during the pandemic a lot of people have been made… Continue reading Buddha in Testing: Chapter 5

Technical tips for Software Testers

My software testing career tips series on Youtube is going well. So well in fact that I need to break out and collect the 4 part mini series on technical skills into it’s own blog post here. Part 1: learn command line Nothing will impress you colleagues more than your technical prowess with the command… Continue reading Technical tips for Software Testers