2020 in reflection

ah, 2020. You started with such promise. So much potential for those perfect vision jokes. What a complete and utter dumpster fire you turned out to be.

Goal Setting?

I was going to use this blog to reflect on some goal setting for the year ahead but I didn’t achieve any of the goals I had set out last year. Im summary last year I said I’d do:

  1. Beat the overweight label
  2. Release a mobile app
  3. Start a podcast
  4. Pay off half of my credit card debt
  5. Practice 4 magic ceremonies

I didn’t achieve any of these things but I still had an ok year and survived a pandemic. So instead of setting goals I’m going to set intentions.

2021 intentions

I intend to be the best version of me for the next year. What do these intentions look like?

  • Continue therapy with my psychologist
  • Continue saving towards a house deposit
  • Continue paying off debt (I’ll get to 5k outstanding by the end of 2021 based on current rates, today it’s 15K outstanding)
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle (climbing and running both 3 times a week)
  • Continue study
  • Daily meditations/reflections

Setting the bar low

Source, but I think the pole might snap

By setting an intention to be my best me I’m already doing an awesome job and we are only 3 days into the new year.

Physical health

The rest of the year still has too many questions for me to be able to set anything more. I’d still like to lose weight and beat the overweight label but I don’t care if I don’t achieve that this year. Surviving and looking after my health is more important than the number I see when I step on the scales.

Side projects

I still want to write a book and release an app but again I’m not going to beat myself up this year if I don’t do them. I’ve always had a tendancy to over load my plate too much. Study + Work is already going to be plenty too much for me.

Career goals

I’d like to try a different role this year, I’m leaning towards UX researcher but it’s also not the end of the world if this doesn’t happen either. Maintaining a job so I can continue to pay down debt is more important.

So yeah, I’ll set intentions this year and see how that goes. I’ve felt like 2020 was a shitty year but I did also learn some things about myself too.

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