DevOps Newbies

I’ve been meaning to do some devOps certification for years. But I never finish online classes that I sign up. I don’t know how many unfinished Udemy courses I’ve started. Actually I can tell you. It’s 17 courses that I’ve never finished. However, recently I finished a graduate diploma in financial advice. So I’ve proven… Continue reading DevOps Newbies

What is quality?

I just finished listening to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, abridged on Audible. I didn’t like it. The narration was engaging but I got lost. It felt like intellectual wankery and it made me feel stupid for not already understanding the philosophical terms/frameworks used. I don’t understand why you would divide human understanding… Continue reading What is quality?

Having multiple CV’s

I find myself job hunting again and this time I’ve actually put in the effort to have multiple CV’s. Basically I’m keeping the first page the same but on the second page I have a portfolio for role specific experience. Even though I’m mostly applying for software testing roles, there’s still different specialties in that… Continue reading Having multiple CV’s

Performance testing API’s with async/awaits

I’ve got this serverless cloud function, you can read about how I built it here. Today’s blog is how I’d go about performance testing this API using async/awaits in Typescript. The API helper class Here is the GET API function: The performance test Here’s the performance test function, it spins up 10 concurrent instances to… Continue reading Performance testing API’s with async/awaits