Serverless Days Sydney 2019

I attended Serverless Days in Sydney Today. Overall it had a good sense of community, the venue and food was top notch. This is a community run conference and there’s always good representation from the main serverless cloud providers here. *Cough* Google/AWS/Microsoft *Cough*. Alibaba made an appearance too. Are we at a serverless tipping point? […]

Getting started with Google Cloud server less functions

Do you know how many lines of code you need to deploy a google cloud server less function? Short Answer – 4 exports.helloWorld = (req, res) => {  let message = req.query.message || req.body.message || ‘Hello World!’;  res.status(200).send(message);}; Wait, what’s a server less function? Have you heard of micro services? This is like that […]

Getting Started with Google Cloud, App Script and BigQuery

The humble spreadsheet is one of the most versatile digital tools that any tester has in their toolkit. I’m working on a data analytics project at InsightTimer where we are doing event tracking across our android and iOS apps using MParticle and BigQuery. I want to do some data analyst on the events coming through […]