Serverless Days Sydney 2019

I attended Serverless Days in Sydney Today. Overall it had a good sense of community, the venue and food was top notch. This is a community run conference and there’s always good representation from the main serverless cloud providers here. *Cough* Google/AWS/Microsoft *Cough*. Alibaba made an appearance too.

Are we at a serverless tipping point?

Jeff Hollan – a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Azure functions doesn’t think we are there yet but we are getting close and you can help by sharing your learning and feedback. Here is my getting started with google cloud serverless functions on google cloud blog post. You can check out one of Jeff’s previous talks on Azure Functions for enterprise here:

Can we apply a serverless mindset?

Ben Kehoe – a Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot gave us lessons learned in applying this mindset to more than just web applications. He goes over how as engineers we need to shift our mindset to focus on delivering business value and not get caught up on feeling like the centre of the business. Any code your write is a liability. That’s why I advocate for lean test code that adds value.

On a side note, anyone who gets to work in robotics professionally is super cool in my books. My favourite presentation is one where I present Tappy McTapface – a robot for mobile app testing. You can watch a previous talk by Ben on a similar idea here:

Did you miss out on the action?

Some of the speakers have given their presentations at previous conferences/meetup groups. Like Jessica Flanagan at YOW! Data this year. And Denis Bauer at YOW! Perth last year.

I Previously live streamed the Serverless Sydney meetup group and the Node user group on twitch (however these video’s are only stored on twitch for up to 60 days post live stream).

Serverless Icon Showdown

Who has the best logo? There’s Google Cloud Functions, AWS Lambda Functions, Microsoft Azure Functions and Alibaba Cloud Function Compute. Handsdown I think Microsoft Azure functions is the best logo here.

Are you using Serverless in production yet? what are some of the challenges you are facing? How should testers get up to speed with this technology?

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