FailQonf – celebrating our failures

Over the weekend I presented at FailQonf; a conference for software testers to learn from failing. I recorded my talk and posted it on YouTube: Have some questions about quality coaching? I answer some questions here and here is a quality coaching course overview. Want to get started in more quality coaching? Try running a… Continue reading FailQonf – celebrating our failures

Improving your testing skills

Today we are going over how to improve your thinking and software testing skills. Slide deck can be accessed here. Why do we bother testing? To get feedback. To help us answer the question, are we comfortable releasing this software? Read my mobile app test strategy here. There’s no manual testing We don’t say manual… Continue reading Improving your testing skills

My Social Media Marketing Strategy

On Sunday I’ll be Interviewing Manoj Kumar who’s a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks & a Selenium Conf Organiser. And I was chatting to Manoj about my marketing strategy as a tester. I’ve been fascinated about marketing (more than learning about test automation tools) and this blog post is a reflection on that strategy. Marketing is… Continue reading My Social Media Marketing Strategy

YOW! Sydney 2019

YOW! Sydney 2019 has come and gone and what a conference it was. Here is my summary of the talks I attended (with sketchnotes). You can access a PDF of my sketchnotes here. Or find them all on twitter under #YOW19 and #Sketchnotes. Hopefully I’ll see you at the 2020 conference. If you are interested… Continue reading YOW! Sydney 2019

DevWorld 2019

I recently attended /Dev/World in Melbourne this week. This is Australia’s only iOS developer conference. Here is my summary of the conference. Themes There were a few themes that gleaned from the talks. These were; Swift is the most talked about language in this space People are still using Objective-C Cross platform remains a hot… Continue reading DevWorld 2019

Ticca 2019 – overview

TiCCA 2019 (Testing in Context Conference Australia) has been and gone and it was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with some old faces and meet some new ones. It felt like one of the more intimate testing conferences that I’ve been to and that’s a good thing. Now that’s over I feel a bit of… Continue reading Ticca 2019 – overview