Ticca 2019 – overview

TiCCA 2019 (Testing in Context Conference Australia) has been and gone and it was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with some old faces and meet some new ones. It felt like one of the more intimate testing conferences that I’ve been to and that’s a good thing. Now that’s over I feel a bit of Ticca depresso (depressed the conference is over).

Here are Sketchnotes

Is There a Problem Here?

This was a fun talk on how frustrating bugs in production can be. When we don’t focus on the relationships people have with a product we forget the frustrations they may experience. Here is a similar talk by Ben Simo as a keynote for TestingCup:

Old Dog New Tricks

Graeme gave a good talk on teaching an old tester new tricks. Most of the points were similar in my becoming a technical tester blog;

  • Get involved with code reviews
  • Setup a dev environment
  • Get comfortable with the command line
  • Find a scripting project that will help you
  • Pair with developers

Fun fact, Graeme lots to do stuff with cars. Watch his #burnoutNomination here:

Agile Testing Mindset

Getting to meet Sam Laing today was a #fangirl moment of mine. I had stalked this person on twitter for a while. It was awesome to have the opportunity to meet her in person. You should definitely go check out her book on A Coach’s guide to agile Testing. Or this talk:

Try to see it my way

Closing keynote by Lynne Cazaly. How to win people over to your ideas. Building that trust and respect within your teams before you advance your agenda/idea. Win them over first. Reminds me of a book I read recently, how to win friends and influence people. You need to try and make things easier. Understand their differences and find their similarities. People are trying to move away from problems or towards new goals.

Wrapping up

I enjoyed my time at TiCCA. I met some new people in my community which is always a good thing. What now, What next? How will you put this conference into practice?


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