Awesome stuff you’ve done this year and things you are working towards

Letter to self,

For when you are feeling low, use this list to remind yourself of how much awesome stuff you’ve done. #HumbleBrag

Events I’ve helped organise/presented at

Sydney Testers

Other events

Live Exploratory testing

Started doing live testing on twitch

Blogs I’ve published

Meetups I’ve attended

Books I’ve read


Spoken At


  • YOW! Data
  • YOW! Lambda Jam
  • Agile Australia
  • Serverless Sydney
  • DDD Sydney
  • YOW! CTO Summit
  • YOW! Sydney

Other Awesome stuff

Will create courses for

  • Ministry of Testing
  • Mobile testing on Udemy

Completed the following courses

Started the following courses

Written a book

Work in progress

Built an App

Also a work in progress

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