Awesome Marketing with Edward Zia

Today I had the opportunity to participate in Edward’s Awesome marketing course.

It was a full day workshop with 15 people. The energy was high and the conversations were awesome. A small workshop like this is great for networking and learning from a bunch of key influencers who are struggling with similar problems in growing their businesses.

Sketch notes

I enjoy doing sketch notes for conferences. It’s a great way to network with speakers, helps me to remain in the moment and solidifies my own learning. You can read more about sketch noting here. Here are mine for today’s training course:


When thinking about what type of pitch you need to help with your sales it might be worth thinking about people in terms of DISC. You would have a different approach of selling for different people.

  • Director – they are often the boss of the company, their time is precious. If you don’t solve their problem in 5 minutes you better get out of their office
  • Influencer – these are your key people of influence, maybe they are the marketing manager and care about perception and value.
  • Steadiness – this is the quiet thinker. They might be the head of engineering. They rarely make mistakes with how they talk.
  • Compliance – this person works within the rules. They might be the auditor who wants to ensure all of the checks and processes are being followed correctly.

At the end of the day this is a mental model that helps make sense of the world. It isn’t perfect but how you sell to a director should be different to how you sell to a thinker.

Daily outcomes

You should set up daily goals that help your business grow. They might be

  • 10 phone calls before 10am
  • 15 messages on LinkedIn
  • 2 shares of good content
  • 1 blog or video post

These can then build up to weekly or monthly goals like

  • Get to 1 networking event a week
  • Speak at a conference
  • Get 1 piece of content shared by an industry leader
  • Do a podcast

How do you grow?

What do you do to grow your online community? Since I started my #100daysOfLinkedIn marketing campaign, I’ve seen my connections on LinkedIn grow from 1400 people to 1649 and I’m only 30 days in. Today’s course was a similar vibe to this marketing course that I did last year which was run by Zambesi.


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