Time zone testing considerations

I’m going to restart my live streaming on twitch this weekend. The idea being; live pair testing with developers/testers from all over the world. We pick a website/product or tool for an exploratory testing session and talk about our testing process. This here was my original infographic that I created for my twitch channel to… Continue reading Time zone testing considerations

Iteration and feedback

What goes into a high quality product? It goes through many iterations but also incorporates a ton of customer feedback while it iterates. I will be talking about software development in this post with examples from my career and video games. Video Games What makes a high quality video game? let us compare cyberpunk 2077… Continue reading Iteration and feedback

It’s not cool to want someone to die

We are now 7 months into a global pandemic. And a certain political leader has come down with the infection. There’s been a lot of sentiment online of joy/excitement/anticipation over this: And I understand the sense of, “Karmic Justice” in what has been a really stressful year. I personally felt a little excited about the… Continue reading It’s not cool to want someone to die

Interviewing technical testers

Angie Jones has this awesome video explaining the technical interview process for software testers. This blog is a summary of that process in written form. I often watch these videos at double speed. 1. The Testing Question Many automation engineers out there are great at code but not so great at the testing element. Companies… Continue reading Interviewing technical testers

Buddha in Testing: Chapter 5

At the end of Buddha in Testing, Pradeep asks the reader to co-author the next chapter with him. So this blog post is my attempt at writing part of Chapter 5 of this book: What is the chaos that surrounds you in testing? Write now, during the pandemic a lot of people have been made… Continue reading Buddha in Testing: Chapter 5