Tales of fail

Slides for vodQA presentation How I’ve failed I failed school When I started university I enrolled in a combined mechatronics/computer science degree overloaded with a diploma of Japanese. I had graduated high school in the top 3% in my state. I could do anything I wanted at uni. I was always told I was a… Continue reading Tales of fail


Here is a list of boardgames in the office and how to play guides. Access Sam’s full list of games here, and the other half’s collection here. Arboretum Azul Bears Vs Babies Carcassone Cat Lady Cat Tower Codenames Ticket to ride

Public Speaking – notes

Here are notes and further reading for the Public Speaking skills workshop. Miro board link Complicated diagram walkthrough Sample code slides Technical presentations blog Sketchnoting Human Cognition most people don’t read (it takes too much energy).  Reference: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman: Gestalt Principles How to look good on video calls Testing out… Continue reading Public Speaking – notes

My views on FIRE

Financial Independence Retire Early (AKA FIRE) is a movement that’s been taking the internet and high paid young professionals by storm. The idea is fairly simple: maximize your income today maximize your savings for the near future grow an investment portfolio then draw down 4% of your investment portfolio forever However, I think there’s some… Continue reading My views on FIRE

Tech Twitter dumpster fire

Today, tech twitter is complaining about rocks and interview: And there’s a few people wish for an easier way to find #BadTechTweets

The future of work

There was a question at last nights Sydney Testers meetup event with James Bach, “What is the future of software testing with AI and automation?” Have a read of “Weapons on Math destruction“, it’s about how big data is driving inequality. I think testers are in a good position to raise questions around the ethics… Continue reading The future of work

Feeling low today

Dear Diary, I woke up feeling tired and low this morning. My alarm went off at 6:30 but rolled over and snoozed until 7:30. I’m meant to be attending the DDD Sydney conference today but the trains were delayed. By the time I got to central station I needed to have a teary in the… Continue reading Feeling low today