Work: The next chapter

I’m moving on from my role in April and this blog post is a reflection on what I’d like to do next. Last time I did this type of reflection I wanted to focus on mobile app technology.

Working for myself

During the pandemic I have enjoyed putting more content online, from career tips for testers to my struggles with credit card debt. I’ve got enough savings that I could survive for 3 months without work and I’d like to do more of this content.

This is the first time in my entire adult life that I have enough savings that I don’t need to jump straight into another job. It’s a great feeling to have.

I have a few video series workshops that I’d like to do. I’d also like to build an app and write a book. These are things I’ve been wanting to do for years but have never found the spare time to work on.

Let’s working on making BugHunterSam the best online platform for fellow engineers/testers that I can make.

I miss interacting with people

If it’s one thing the pandemic has taught me is that I get my energy for work from interacting with people. And when I don’t get that interaction my engagement for tasks that I don’t want to do completely disappears. I haven’t enjoyed software testing as a mostly work from home role.

Part time/Contracting

When I’ve depleted my savings, I’ll look into part time or short term contracting work to help build my savings back up. I’d consider part time work too. I’m currently studying financial planning part time and have struggled with both working full time and study.

I would consider a role in UX research, Tech BA, Test Engineer, IT support, Sales Engineer or financial analyst. I already have different CV’s prepared for different roles:

My default CV is the 1 pager I built using Canva.

Would anyone be interested in my services and knowledge as a consultant?

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