Gluten Free, Vegan protein balls

Today I walked into a indian supermarket and discovered soya chuncks. Now these don’t sound appealing but with 52gm of protein per 100gm I definitly thought they were worth experimenting with.

I open up the packet and try one, it’s dry like a biscuit but otherwise flavourless. Taste like dried soy beans. Funny that. I continue on my way to the supermarket and find some condensed coconut milk. This gives me an idea. Lets make vegan chocolate rumballs with these soya chunks. I’m going to call them soy puffs from here on in. It sounds better.

The Aussie rumballs

We are basically doing a half batch of this recipe (which is a classic aussie recipe and every kid would make these for mothers day in school), minus the rum, subsituting biscuits for soy puffs and adding some hazelnut spread.


  • 100gm of soy puffs
  • 1/2 tin of sweetened condensed coconut milk
  • 1/2 jar of Hazelnut chocolate spread (you can substitute your own nut butters for different flavours)
  • 80gm of dissected coconut
  • 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder


grind the soy puffs in a food processer, don’t completely pulverize them if you are like me and like crunchy bits in your rumballs.

Add all of the dry ingrediants (only use half of the coconut), then mix in the wet ingrediants. Form balls with the mixture and roll in the rest of the coconut. Keep your hands wet as you roll them as this helps them not stick to you.

Pop in the fridge and eat after 2 hours. I made 14 balls and one weights 32gm


By my calculations each ball has

  • 670 KJ (160 calories)
  • 9gm of fat
  • 14.5 gm of carbohydrates
    • 10.5gm of sugar
  • 4.8 gm of protein

I didn’t exactly measure stuff out, I think I only used half of the shredded coconut and should adjust the energy/fat but I couldn’t be bothered doing the maths. It’s better to over estimate rather than under anyway.

But compared to regular rumballs they have more protein atleast:

If my rumballs actually had 5gm of fat they would be 520KJ each (124 calories).

Bonus Curry

I also made a curry with the soy puffs.

I used a butter chicken recipe base, oil instead of butter, a little extra salt/MSG, some coconut cream and some japanese curry cubes to thicken up the sauce (I added too much water, shhh don’t tell anyone). The roti was a frozen variety from an indian supermarket. Was super nommy.

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