Another revolution around the sun

It’s nice to have a have a birthday mid year. It gives me time to sit and reflect. Last year I had these musings, and at the start of this year I set the intention of being the best version of me.

My birthday isn’t until next month but I’m looking forward to seeing some family I haven’t seen for 2 years.

My 20’s were a shit show

Here’s some of the things I dealt with in my 20’s:

But all of things help me appreciate what I have today. Working towards financial freedom is going to be an awesome thing to achieve. I’m on track to get that credit card debt paid off this year.

Best version of me?

Am I being my best version? Given the circumstances, I am. I’ve started my own company and feel like I’m doing pretty well in life. I gained a bit of weight with the move and with study but that’s ok.

I’m keeping up with therapy, I should be meditating more but that’s ok too. I’m practicing self compassion.

I’m falling behind in some of my commitments but this is ok too. I always have too much on my plate and I’m learning to be more chill about it all. I no longer apologise for getting back to someone too late.

So this is a short post with the intention of me telling myself, “Sam, you are doing really well. Keep it up”. I won’t lie, writing that out brought a proud tear to my eye.

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