Birthday Reflections

I recently survived another year on this rock rotating around the sun. It doesn’t feel that long that I was reflecting on turning 30 last year. I also set myself some goals at the start of the year but 2020 has been a doozey and put lot’s of those intentions on hold. This blog is a brain dump of reflections.


Looking at my finance figures from my turning 30 blog, everything is still on track. My student loans are at 33K, my super is at 62K and progress towards my credit card debt is happening, today it’s at 22k outstanding.


I’ve spent some time reassessing my goals for this year. I had signed up for the Sydney Community College gold membership but because of covid-19 it’s been cancelled. I might start a diploma in financial advice for the rest of this year.

Values personality Test

Today I did a values personality test from Psychologist Today. It’s a good way to get some other words that I can use to describe my values. Here is my top value:

Top Core Value: Theoretical Values

People with theoretical values regard logical thought and the pursuit of knowledge very highly. They respect the value of education, both formal and informal, and believe in learning for the sake of learning.

They don’t make decisions based on a set ideology; rather, they try to base your opinions, beliefs, and decisions on “truth”. Rather than listening and blindly following what others are saying, people with theoretical values make their own choices based on all the information available to them.

This translates to a very deliberate, logical way of thinking. They want to understand how things in the world work, and are not afraid to ask why something is the way it is.

Influencing Values

  • Social Values
  • Aesthetic Values
  • Political Values
  • Realistic Values

Minor Values

  • Traditional Values

You can access the full PDF report of my test here if you like. I’d actually say community is my biggest personal value but they didn’t come across in this test. Anyway, it’s good food for thought and explains why I want to pursue further education.

How do you go about self reflection? I find writing helps me (hence this blog)

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