33 days BS (before surgery)

I’ve done all of my pre surgery appointments; I’ve had my blood tests, nutritionist appointment and doctors appointment. I’ve decided to test out the pre surgery diet starting today. I don’t need to start the pre surgery diet until 2 weeks before surgery but I’d thought I’d test it out a little early. I’m currently 126kg with a BMI of 47.

this pre surgery diet involves having optifast for 3 meals a day, snacking on low carb vegies, drinking plenty of water and avoiding all sugary drinks. I’m aloud to drink black coffee and tea. Here’s an example of what I’ve been consuming today:

I’m 2 meals into my first day and my verdict is it’s not completely horrible. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Sure I’ve been hungry and food is everywhere but the 2 shakes so far haven’t tasted horrible and I’ve been able to explore the coffee scene in Perth. I’ve basically been exploring Perth via lane ways and espresso. Perth has a good coffee culture and I haven’t struggled finding good coffee.

Just before lunch, I did feel a little lite headed. I was doing research yesterday on loose skin after surgery and I’m a little concerned that I’ll have loose skin around my thighs which could make exercising difficult but it’s the price I might pay for trying to become a healthier me.

Here’s some more photos from today:



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  1. A little tip for the shakes, when preparing them put ice in the shakers as well (can be the refrezable ones if you want). I do not know why but I have always loved them with the ice. My fav was coffee ones for lunch when I was on a vcld. I also found green beans an awesome snack with hummus if you can have it. If you have everything pre cut up and ready to go it really helps with temptation. And get a plastic container and keep foods you can eat in your hand bag. Ooh don’t eat too many carrots. They are surprisingly full of sugar but are a good snack when you need some sugar lol. Lemon or lime juice is a fantastic alternative to salt as odd as it sounds, but I’m not sure if you can have it as it is a fruit. It might be something you could use as you detox from salt until the two week prior mark.
    I was allowed one glass of diet soda a day, so if I had stuck to my diet I had a very small glass of diet soda with dinner or after dinner, but if your not allowed or also something different Google VLCD dessert ideas. There are awesome things you can cook/ make that really are creative and will fit within your guidelines.
    I hope you have a really successful weight loss journey! If you ever need some support or to vent etc I’m always around, I may not have had as big a journey etc as you but I can listen well 🙂

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