Getting started with GCloud, MySQL and the Command line

I’ve put together this guide for how I connect to my MySQL instance using google cloud after this tweet from @ddiversion:

Google cloud has a command line interface from the website when you navigate to your project:

gcloud overview

Google have put together some awesome tutorials for getting started with Google Cloud, here is their guide for setting up a MySQL database. I’m just going to go over how I connect to it in this tutorial.

There are different ways to access the google cloud console:

accessing google cloud console

Once the console is up, you will be presented with this view with thew console down in the bottom of your browser:

google cloud console

To connect to my SQL instance, I type in:

gcloud sql connect bog-logger-dev-database --user=root

And type in the password I’ve set up for my root user.

connectin g to database


Then I can type commands like

show databases;

use bogs_logged_dev_database;

show tables;

select * from bogs_logged_table;

show tables

Previously I had created this table and inserted data using thew following commands:

CREATE TABLE bogs_logged_table( time DATETIME NOT NULL, device_uuid VARCHAR(36) NOT NULL, type INT(1), notes VARCHAR(140) );

INSERT INTO bogs_logged_table(time, device_uuid, type) VALUES(NOW(), "d3ad458d-eca1-4cf3-be34-fb10facd5992", 4);

INSERT INTO bogs_logged_table(time, device_uuid, type, notes) VALUES(NOW(), "d3ad458d-eca1-4cf3-be34-fb10facd5992", 2, "very painful, a little bit of blood");

INSERT INTO bogs_logged_table(time, device_uuid, notes) VALUES(NOW(), "d3ad458d-eca1-4cf3-be34-fb10facd5992", "tried to poo for half an hour");

So when I do a

select * from bogs_logged_table;

mysql query example


If you aren’t using Google Cloud there is a guide here that starts with an SSH command. The general structure of an SSH command is

ssh user@location

Location could be anything like an IP address (e.g. for a locally setup maching) to a host name like, SSH will ask you to put in the password and once you are in and assuming MySQL is installed you can go your merry way.

What are your favourite resources for learning MySQL from the command line? MySQL command line help docs is probably the next step from here.


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