Lessons in Sales: Naked Wines

Naked wines is a new wine distributor in the Australian Market. Some of their sales are a little sneaky but I personally don’t mind. This is a story of how I’ve excused their sneakiness and bought more product.

It started with a survey

We all love a survey, especially if it’s a personality test. I first found out about Naked Wines through a facebook marketing campaign which was basically, “Become a wine genius in 52 seconds” quiz. I found it an interesting approach. I’ve seen Naked be promoted on socials a bit since then and seems they’ve grown quiet rapidly.

Then there was a voucher

In my email one day I found a $50 voucher for naked wines and they selling a starter box for $99. This was the temptation I needed to try their product. Trying a dozen wines for $49 is not a big stretch for me, a non wine drinker who prefers my craft beer. However when I made this purchase they automatically signed me up to the “Angels” program. It’s like angel investors but it’s a wine subscription. You pay $40 per month, it can be banked up and used whenever you like. I guess it was part of the T&C’s I agreed to without reading. #MyBad.

Joining the Angels

When I got my first delivery, I got some information about the angels program. It looked like I was like the 14 thousandth person on the queue and I thought it would take forever so I didn’t care too much about it. However one month later I’m now an angel. I feel like the queue is artificially created to be large to drive up excitement for it or something. However out of my first $40 subscription payment, Naked matched my $40 contribution. This definitely helped grease my wheels. I ended up purchasing more wine and I’ve only drank half a bottle from the first order. Gah I have so much wine now. Good thing I can disperse it through the events I run for Sydney Testers.

Angels = good cash flow

The angels program is a really clever sales tactic. It means the business has a guaranteed cash flow every month and they don’t have to worry so much about people not coming back to the platform. They’ve now signed up to coming back. When I did a back of the envelope calculation based on the email they sent me when I joined the Angels, they had nearly $4 million per month in guaranteed cash flow. That would really help make warehouse management easier.

More transperancy

I would have liked to have seen a bit more obviousness that I was signing up for the angel program when I bought my first box, But other than that I think Naked helped grease the wheels enough for me to get over that grief.

P.S. I really like the printed booklet they sent with their first box. It was high quality. Also their branding is top notch. The Aussie post office seems to think they are doing a good job too.

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