My values and goals


Experiences over things

I enjoy new experiences, this is almost to my detriment. As an example, I find it hard to walk past a new fancy cafe without walking in. I try not to be materialistic and attached to my possessions. I do not achieve this all of the time but it means I prefer to buy second hand, I’m not sentimental towards my possessions and I try to buy only what I need.

Community and culture

Adding value to others

Continuous learning and growth

Sustainable living

Now values don’t have to be perfect, they are inspirational. This is what I aspire to be. Sometimes I don’t get them right all of the time but when faced with a difficult decision, hopefully I can use my values to help guide me.


Short term (within 3 months)

  • Learn iOS app development

medium term (within 5 years)

  • build up to a sustainable social enterprise that is focused on running a robotics roadtrip around Australia
  • get the vine tattoo idea out of my head and onto my body
  • pay off credit cards
  • pay off motorbike
  • speak at international software testing conferences
  • Own land in Tasmania

long term (before turning 70)

  • Get European citizenship
  • Build a sustainable living complex
  • Own and run a cafe
  • do a 6 month road trip around the America’s
  • do a 3 month road trip around India
  • Live in Japan for a few years working as a freelancer

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