Vandalism and street art

I look at vandalism in sydney and I wonder why is it seen as a bad thing? Instead of cleaning it up, what if we gave people the skills to turn their scrawls and tags into Street art? Give people the tools and resources to practice and perfect their style.

What if we studied Street art in highschool? How to utilise different techniques and explored some ideas that people were trying to portray in their Street art. Or what if we tried to add personality to concrete walls. Would that be a bad thing?

What if we had highschool competitions around Street art?

What if we encourage people to vandalise with respect, seek permission first and talk about your art idea with the person who is responsible for the wall that you want to decorate?

It seems our educational is actively trying to beat creativity out of people (reference sir Richard so Ted talk on creativity), so what if all I want to do is create? Wouldn’t it bring joy and new thoughts to the world? Maths and sciences are highly creative, why isn’t it portrayed that way?

The first question to ask is why do people vandalise? I know I start doodling when I have a pen near by and my mind is wondering. It’s a way to engage my mind. I imagine people are disengaged with society, they just don’t care and society doesn’t seem to care about them either. I think we all
want to do something, to create, to feel useful. Could this help engage people?what are your experiences with vandalism /Street art?

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