Workshop ideas

This robot will be a basic robot that can be built in less than 30 minutes, preferably 20 minutes the average 10-12 year olds. I haven’t come up with a design yet, this will be one of the first workshops I create next year. The robot will have a pen attached and will be like a turtle program (anyone remember those?). This robot will be used to explore ideas such as geometry, algebra and fractions. Non technical skills include art, team work and communication. The robot will draw pictures on a very large piece of paper. I’ve got some cool ideas for this workshop and maybe a social media page, which takes me too the next topic:

With this turtle robot people can tweet pictures of their art work creations. There could be a page under the workshop dedicated to picking up the twitter feeds with the hashtag and having a dynamic collage of images. There could also be an upload section to the site which could generate a tweet. Anyone posting would have to agree with the general openess of the idea.

a large group activity with everyone’s robot doing a mexican wave. Lots of algebra involved. I have a whole lesson plan already in my head around this idea. I’ll develop it soon.

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