Having multiple CV’s

I find myself job hunting again and this time I’ve actually put in the effort to have multiple CV’s. Basically I’m keeping the first page the same but on the second page I have a portfolio for role specific experience.

Even though I’m mostly applying for software testing roles, there’s still different specialties in that space. I could also tweak these to focus on different industries too, for example finance vs public transport vs retail are all different varieties I could introduce.

I also set up a redirect link to my cv so instead of attaching it I can tell recruiters, my cv can be accessed here: http://bughuntersam.com/cv

Mobile Test Engineer

This is the main one I use. My preference is for contract work in the mobile test engineering space. This is the CV my cv link redirects to.

Performance Test Engineer

I’m also interest in API/performance testing and believe this is an area where I can get decent contracting rates in.

Lead Test Engineer

I have also done some leadership and management contracts before. Having a CV that can high light this would be useful. It’s similar to the performance testing CV but has more focus on leadership.

Data Test Engineer

I even created a data engineer CV because I have an interest in data science and have always enjoyed playing around with big data sets. I’ve only used this CV to apply for one role and it’s not widely used but at least I have this as a backup.

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  1. Last time I was job hunting, I re-cast my CV so that all the good stuff was on the first page, like you have done. As my strong points are my soft skills. I carefully selected the things to go on that page, not all of which related to testing. Rather, I put in that list things that would make the sort of employer I was looking for go “Wow! Those are skills and experience we do not have in the company and which we can use!” Testing highpoints were included in this list but did not come first because they weren’t all that unique or jawdropping.

    It got me noticed; it would get me past the first HR gatekeeper at least three times a week, and I was getting phone interviews roughly once a week and face-to-face interviews roughly every ten days. Not bad for a 58-year-old with no formal IT qualifications at all. To some extent, my CV was designed to weed out those employers who only wanted a cookie-cutter candidate.

    OK, it still took me nearly six months to get an employment offer, but under the circumstances I thought that was pretty good.

    1. I’m still testing it out, I think it works for well recognised brands but would only work if I was applying for jobs locally where these names are recognised.

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