Evolution of my CV

My CV has evolved a bit over the years. But there have also been a few constants too. I’ve always tried to keep my CV under 2 pages, my most recent one is 1 page with embedded links, it’s a little experimental and it’s more like a portfolio.

2020-06-26 Update: My 2014 to 2017 resume’s were previously hosted on my old website, samanthaconnelly.com (which has an expired SSL certificate). They are now hosted on this domain, so they will be easier to view and quicker to download.

Bug Hunter Sam Connelly 2019

You can also access it under my public canva profile here

The 2 page CV

I have a two page CV that I use when I feel like the 1 page visual one is a bit too adventurous. It’s created using google docs.

Bug Hunter Sam Connelly 2019 – 2 pages

I also tweak this CV for applying for specific roles like tech team leadership.

How it’s evolved over times


Sam Connelly Tester Profile 2014

I used this CV to apply for my role at Tyro, it was created using Word and it’s interesting to read over how I presented myself 4 years ago. This was my first attempt at putting the 5 c’s of testing on my profile.


Sam Connelly Tester Profile 2016

This is when I started experimenting with the 1 page CV idea, using Canva (an online designer’s tool). I was told somewhere that dates didn’t matter as much as duration. I used this CV to get my role at EPAM Systems. I still have the 5 ‘c of testing but I’ve replaced crazy with coding. I still really like this one.


Sam Connelly Tester Profile 2017

This is a 2 page CV that I used to help me get my role at Campaign Monitor. It went through a few iterations and I had a few other ideas in how to tweak/and experiment with it. I like the visual skills but not everyone else in the industry likes this.

1 page vs 2 pages?

How many pages in your cv is hugely contested. Some recent studies indicate 2 pages are preffered over 1 page. I actually have both because different recruiters/managers will have different preferences. It’s good to have CV’s for different situations.

The whole point of a CV is to make you seem like an interesting enough person to invite into for an interview. Think of it as a user interface with that whole purpose in mind. How can you simplify the data and layout to make it easier to read?

How has your CV evolved over time?


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