Mental Health reflection

I last did a mental health check in at the mid June and this blog post is a reflection of where I’m at today.

If you need to talk to someone about mental health there are plenty of services out there. Here is a list of them.

Sleep is better

I got my bloods done, there’s no issues from a nutrient point of view that was causing the low mood. I’ve been taking some melatonin to help get my sleep back to a regular cycle and it seems to be helping.

So fucking bored

I think the monotony of working from home is starting to set in. I really miss interacting with people. I get most of my motivation for work from interacting with people. Interacting with people purely online isn’t quite giving me the energy I need. This last week I’ve just felt so fucking bored. I haven’t had any motivation for work. I don’t know where this feeling is coming from either.

And I can’t focus

It’s not like I have a lack of things I can do. I have tons of ideas and improvements. Things that could help my team, the next video series on public speaking and I’ve started a new part time course so there’s tons of new things to learn. But really struggling with the focus.

I don’t know if time off will help

If I took a week off, all I would do is sit around home studying/growing my side business. I wouldn’t actually switch off and relax. I never switch off from work and life, it’s one of those things that was impacting my sleep before hand. There will be a week off from study in October with the term break. Maybe I’ll take some time off then.

I’m searching for meaning

Life can be so goddam random and meaningless sometimes. As humans we are really good at finding meaning in the chaos of life. Why am I even bothering with trying to find meaning and satisfaction? Anyway I feel a bit weird here and I think the whole pandemic situation might be contributing.

Counselling services

I should try some things to help me re-centre and calm a my mind. Maybe get back into meditation, or try some magic or just talk to someone.

Anyway, how are you looking after yourself during these challenging times?

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