Schema Therapy part IV

Another schema survey, another reflection blog post for you. This time the survey was to figure out my schema mode’s.

The premise being that everyone develops patterns of coping with life. Some of these patterns are healthy and sometimes they can be spoilt little brats and throw tantrums about not getting their way.

Here’s what I score relatively highly on:

  • Impulsive/Undisciplined child
  • Punitive parent
  • Happy child/Healthy adult

Child Modes

Vulnerable Child

Can feel empty, alone & socially unacceptable. Alternatively, could be experiencing feelings of abandonment, sadness & worthlessness.

Impulsive Child

Acts on impulses moment-to-moment and can find it difficult to delay gratification.

Undisciplined Child

Cannot force him/herself to finish routine or boring tasks, gets quickly frustrated and gives up soon.

Reflections on my child modes

I knew I had an impulsive nature, this is one reason why I’ve struggled with my weight and finances for so long. But I also see this as a strength too. I get annoyed when people complain about something and this impulsive nature helps me to get other people to take action. But this also often leads me to do too many things at once but hey, impulsiveness isn’t always bad.

The undisciplined child is a new label for me. It actually explains why I struggle to do test framework/automation code from scratch, there’s so many layers of delayed gratification when trying to build test frameworks that help developers my brain just goes, “nope, no motivation what’s so ever”.

I really struggle to see the point of building out test automation. It’s not like I can’t do it, but I have huge procrastination barriers inside my own head.

Maladaptive Coping Modes

Punitive Parent

The internalized voice of the parent, criticizing and punishing the self.


Hello, this sounds like my harsh internal self critic that likes to make me feel like a failure. Also know as the muppet. Addressing this critic has been the main focus of my therapy sessions so far.

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