FailQonf – celebrating our failures

Over the weekend I presented at FailQonf; a conference for software testers to learn from failing. I recorded my talk and posted it on YouTube:

Have some questions about quality coaching? I answer some questions here and here is a quality coaching course overview.

Want to get started in more quality coaching? Try running a bug bash with your team. It’ll help build that mindset of, “quality is a team responsibility”.

Some stats for the data nerds

That video has been viewed 166 times at time of publishing this blog post. I’m starting to get better at this YouTube thing 🙃. I gained 40 subscribers on YouTube over the weekend. Saw a spike in blog traffic and connected with over 90 new people in LinkedIn from it.

Sketchnotes of talks I attended

Once Upon a time by Ajay, 10 stories of failures
Blunders in Test Automation by Dorothy Graham

Here’s a previous talk by Dorothy which is along a similar vein:

Lessons learned as a QA manager by Karen N. Johnson
What do after being fired? By Peter Walen


I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from people’s failings. I didn’t have the time to attend Day 2 but I would have loved to have stuck around for it.

Want to know what my average day looks like? Here’s another post for you.

When have you been able to learn from your own failures?

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