Marketing; measuring your impact

In a previous marketing blog post; I talk about how eyeballs/views are king. This blog post is a follow up and is a deep dive into how you can measure your impact. Using real life examples from my own marketing adventures.

WordPress + Jetpack Analytics

I published a blog post full of Software Testing career tips on the 25th of June. Here’s the JetPack Analytics (a free wordPress plugin) of how many views I’ve had of that blog post since it was published:

This blog post has been viewed 1,321 times since it was published 1 month ago.

Video + LinkedIn

After chatting to people via my career coaching sessions, a few themes kept coming up. I decided to turn these themes into a video series and I’ve been posting daily video career tips to LinkedIn.

Yesterday I publish part 10 and in one day it has been viewed over 2,500 times with 134 reactions, 16 shares and 10 comments. Here’s some of the insights LinkedIn Analytics provides:

I can also see the companies, roles and locations of the people who viewed my post. 673 were Software Testers, 243 were from Sydney and India is my second biggest audience.

Since I’ve started posting daily videos, the numbers of people who have viewed my profile has also increased, I’m now getting around 240 views a day:

Youtube + Analytics

I’ve also posted all of those videos on Youtube. Now they aren’t receiving as many views compared to LinkedIn but Youtube is a longer game.

My Interview with Manoj Kumar from my last marketing blog post has been viewed 342 times:

Apparently it has a 10% click through rate
Most people don’t watch all the way through, 91.5% of people watch less than 5 minutes, infact only a tiny percent finish the video
I got 7 new subscribers from that video
You can also see Audience metrics like Age and Location. I don’t trust this 100% male viewers number though…

How do you measure up?

What else are you tracking as part of your marketing adventures? I’ve found video + blog + regular posts to LinkedIn has increased my overall engagement.

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