Superannuation Mobile Apps Analyst

I’ve created a few superannuation accounts to compare many of the mobile app experiences out there. It seems that many super providers are joining the digital revolution and publishing apps. But are these apps any good? it would seem the average rating on the app stores leaves a bit to be desired.

Average App store Ratings

Superannuation Ease of Signup
(out of 5)
no. of Downloads
no. of Reviews
Average Rating
no. of Reviews
Average Rating
Rest5100k+8704.1 5.68K4.6
First State
Grow Super45K+423.3153.9

Colonial First State3

ANZ isn’t really a superannuation app, but you can check your super balance in their banking app.

Rest is currently the most reviewed super app on the market (they are number #4 in Apple’s best finance app category):

However, their app UI feels a bit dated, the animations aren’t smooth and one of the main complaints on the app store is the biometric/pin login stops working (which is something I’ve experienced).

Best Onboarding Experience

My best on-boarding experience has been; 5 minute online account creation with the ability to log in immediately. It was then very easy to find “how to make a BPAY contribution”, and I was able to see a $5 account creation contribution in the account on the next business day. Rest, First State and Sunsuper all had this type of experience.

I also really like First State’s Marketing. Here’s their farewell email when I closed my account:


Most people are complaining about log in issues; either biometrics/logins stop working or new phones/updates break something.

You can also do this type of analyst if you want to compare similar features across competitors. For example, what apps give you a balance over time? Biometric log in? View Statements? Or adjust investment options in app? I will do this analyst myself in a follow up blog post.

Other notes

This is not financial advice, I like to use Canstar to compare super products and they have this handy filter based on smart phone app feature too:

Also Canstar has this handy list of independent financial advisors if you do feel like chatting to an expert. SuperGuide is another cool platform for learning more about super.

If you’d like to read more about my own super, I have this blog on how the coronavirus has impacted my super.

Disclaimer; I work on the Colonial First State mobile app team as a software tester, hence my fascination with super and mobile apps. This blog is my views only and NOT reflected by my employer


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