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Large font is a basic accessibility requirement for people who struggle to read small text on mobile screens. Think seniors or people with glasses who may need some assistance.

1 out of 5 iPhone users have large font enabled. Android would have a similar metric. How do many of the finance apps fare in this regard?

This blog post is a review of some common investment/finance apps available in Australia.

The Ratings

AppRating out of 5NotesWorst Screenshot
CFS3The bar graphs and log in flow are the let down here
SunSuper2Dashboard is almost unusable
Aware super3Usable, bar graphs look pretty good but some icon overlap
Grow super2Hard to use
Rest super0No support at all for font increases
Aus super2Not a thorough test as account is in pending
Host plus0No support
Spaceship0No support
ANZ2Lots of overlap of elements
Commbank4Commbank is the best app for supporting this. Still not perfect but their bar graphs are better than CFS’s
Commsec-5CommSec is completely useless with large fonts. Everything overlaps
Google Photos2Found a bug where I couldn’t share the album with large font
86 4003Surprisingly functional for a neobank
Up Bank0No support

Ratings explained

0 out of 5, no support for font increases at all, basically rendering the app unusable for anyone who needs larger font

1 out of 5 a major bug was found and the app was blocked/unusable

e.g. our bug with large text on the scheduled outage message would have been a candidate for this. The view wasn’t scrollable and the dismiss button was off the screen (I’ve fixed it last sprint) and the user wouldn’t be able to access the app.

2 out of 5 some elements were inaccessible or unreadable. Functionality of the app was reduced.

3 out of 5, everything is functional but some graphs/views looked odd

4 out of 5, app is functional and is almost perfect

5 out of 5 everything was perfect, no issues were observed

Even Google struggles

It’s ok if your app has some bugs around large font. Even google who is a champion of accessibility and inclusive design struggles to accomodate this feature. Google photos is mostly usable but when I tried to share an album with large font I just couldn’t access the link.

Do you have large font on your phone? What’s been your favourite app that supports this feature?

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